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I asked 50 strangers to make up a new word. This is my new Internet Lexicon.

Davis KeeneยทNovember 25, 2020

"The creative adult is the child who survived." - Ursula Lenguin

I was scrolling through TikTok the other day, as most 20 year olds do, when I came across a video asking people to write down their favorite questions to ask other people. I scrolled through the comments hoping to find some good questions to ask new friends, when I came across one in particular that caught my eye:

"Make up a brand new word, and tell me what it means."

At first, I was slightly jarred: How am I supposed to create a new word? Do I think of a random assortment of phonemes first, and then create a definition around it? Or do I think of a definition first, and then try to match the definition with an appropriate sound?

I decided to create my own word: Frelated. A combination of the words "frustration" and "elated", it describes the feeling when you make a breakthrough revelation, but you're mad at yourself that you didn't think of that idea sooner.

I wanted to see what other people would say, though. What other words are out there, waiting to be created by people? And so, I went on Omegle of all places to find random strangers that I could ask the same question.

After several hours of trial and error, here are 50 brand new words from strangers on the Internet.

Quink Quink - A Blanket.

Figglestink - Something that has a terrible, terrible smell.

Breadflower (pronounced bread-flow-err) - A person with immense wealth.

Fizzin - When you have to force out a urination because it's taking too long.

Ascaboyziasa (pronounced ah-ska-boy-zee-ah-sah) - An insult; similar to "suck my dick", but applicable for both genders.

Doilee - A rectum.

Shmeegle - A wet leaf.

Wendee - A rather attractive girl, who also happens to have unusual sexual fantasies or practices.

Oofagalagalaga - Intercourse.

Omidge - The feeling you get when you're so excited that you're going to cry, but it only lasts for an instant.

Racka - When you hate someone so much, you want to see their while life fall apart before they die.

Thinger - An unknown object.

Merp - Yikes! (Exclamatory remark)

Quint - To provide relief to a part of the body, through scratching, rubbing, massaging, or other forms of pleasure.

Budga - Stupid / Dumb

Vulling - A longing for someone that you know isn't good for you.

Synclaratosis - A medical condition that causes people to dislike Omegle.

Chihopo - A homeless person.

Sepata - A very fancy shoe.

Flumbus - The feeling of weightlessness, on a trampoline or rollercoaster.

Uniqurus - A unicorn that's made out of cotton candy.

Morla - An expression to tell someone to stop talking.

Rojo - An insult, similar to "bitch" but doesn't have a secondary 'female dog' meaning.

Fogger - A feeling of anger where you feel like giving someone the middle finger.

Fuckish - Another way to say 'Fucking Delicious' OR to describe when something is off / 'kinda fucked'.

Estrophagus - Another word for infinity.

Thisn't - A contraction for 'that it was not'.

Goobagash - How are you?

Kryptoris - A word to describe the slow pace with which a turtle walks.

Hamb - The feeling of falling off of a tall building.

Kabootle - To be confused.

Clamington - A word to describe male genetalia when it's 'shriveled' or cold.

Humnyababy - A lazy way of saying 'hello' / 'how are you, baby?'.

Kashaik - A way to say 'I'm done with you'

Shum - The act of defecating and ejaculating at the same time.

Sanva - the feeling of being bored, but not wanting to do anything else to cure your boredom.

Oxura - A greeting, similar to "What's up, bro?".

Locion - A place where there's no war, and lots of food.

Siap - When you take two things, and switch them around. (Example: Patrick and Spongebob, Jelly and Peanut Butter).

Limpic - An attractive person.

Teenie - An alcoholic beverage.

Macker - A food item from McDonalds.

Nitch - A feeling of cosmic desire.

Finalneent - The bittersweet emptiness you feel after finishing something (TV show, movie, etc).

Exastergasted - Synonym for distraught.

Babalooey - A greeting, similar to 'Hi, how are you?'.

Slonk - Big / Super Long.

Skizkapal - A slap in the face, or a feeling of being slapped in the face (metaphorically).

Meesk - A substitute for any word.

Quinziggle - When you finally get the girl you love.

Update 11/26

I decided to go back on Omegle last night and ask another round of questions, so... here's 50 more random words from strangers!

Hig - Sad, but horny.

Sneepershuffin - To take a long walk.

Dardar - Stupid.

Valicious - The feeling of needing to go to the bathroom, but you aren't able to.

Tyrannisarium - An aquarium large enough to house a T-Rex.

Bronque - A very sour candy.

Blorshin - The act of jumping over a cow, and then kicking a sheep afterwards.

Minko - To be unnaturally aroused by something that isn't usually arousing to you.

Zoogork - To be extremely high.

Maghetti - Americanized spaghetti.

Farbis Darbis - When you die in such a way that your body folds like a character from Happy Wheels.

Friscuit - A type of racquet for a sport.

Assembilis - A group of elephants.

Brando - To hit someone forcefully.

Turdifloxin - A turtle with feathers.

Dizzork - Synonymous with 'funny looking'.

Slobbintogla - To unknowlingly receive a blowjob from a transvestite.

Cunther - Synonymous to 'asshole' (as an insult).

Rubadoo - A rubber duck.

Humfurt - When you sneeze with a mask on.

Rancoon - A picture that tells a story.

Stragget - A slur to describe straight people.

Lid - An acronym for 'Love is Death'.

Dwyzer - The nervous feeliong of seeing a frog for the first time.

Lenada - Cold, but not too cold, but still cold.

Blomber - Something that's really important.

Echook - A language in the starwars universe.

Slobdobber - A happy dog that's spitting everywhere.

Goot - The sound that you make when you forcefully hit someone.

Koyakoya - Poop.

Manushka - The prettiest girl in the world.

Pearapple - The cross-breed between a pear and an apple.

Shimana - The act of getting a new rug.

Slidiff - To tell someone how you truly feel about them.

Groujoj - Fuck you.

Schlopp - To kiss someone on their nose.

Pagina - The combination of a penis and a vagina.

Chikafrit - A dog that has eaten a weed edible.

Gassah - The equivalent of clear pee, but for feces; clean poop.

Coptime - A clock, used by a cop.

Fringle - The feeling that you have no idea what you're talking about.

Blitzick - Used to describe a very energetic person.

Skiliosesting - A jellyfish sting.

Bandayganday - Laughing at a joke; not too hard, but enough to acknowledge that it's funny.

Napill - A tree branch.

Falika - When you're having a bad day.

Mezdeen - A painting.

Rabex - A 3D line.

Shamoomoo - A word to describe your love for Shrek.

Siff - The art of not giving a fuck.

Agoologay - Another way to say 'leave me alone'.

Hembrussey - Acting suspect; acting suspicious.

Update 11/30

More Words!

Skwyjar - Swagger, but with more pizzaz.

Mazapoo - A new dog.

Fullicourt - The fatugue that you get after watching too much tiktok.

Chuggie - Lesbian intercourse.

Rookee - The feeling of coming down from anesthetics.

Mevlin - An intense love for mashed potatoes.

Rollaga When you're rolling up with the gang.

Galadablade - A super sharp sword used in the 1500's.

Charflar - An expression to indicate that you're homosexual.

Pinanata - French.

Fleather* - When you feel shy from talking to someone you have a crush on.

Flarf - The feeling of sleeplessness from overthinking.

Fadoodle - A new type of pasta.

Gerb - A drama queen.

Buggah - To have sex.

Bullahman - A word to describe a man with qualities of a woman.

Stramutah - Fuck.

Drit - To take out the trash.

Alesticado - To be genuine and sincere.

Kerplunk - To hang up on someone.

Smut - Poop.

Zoola - You're welcome.

Wam - To wiggle your leg.

Shootmagoot - Aw, shoot!

Lemonhop - A jumping dance that a crack addict performs due to withdrawal symptoms.

Fartfuckle - When you laugh so hard, you fart.

Hunya - A guest in your home.

Obaking - Crazy / psycho.

Skadora - To stub your toe on a door.

Bapple - The cross between a banana and an apple.

Eryayookbay - A yearbook.

Deelayne - Sad.

Drek - To totally destroy someone.

Forhenis - A big forehead.

Bu$$y - To be expressive of your vagina (for women).

Hedgixonmen - Men who are hackers.

Elbowish - To describe someone that looks like an elbow.

Denophalator - A dead calculator.

Kajongle - A disaster.

Shoesniffle - The sound a squeaky / wet shoe makes when walking on a hard floor.

Escubialis - A spell that turns you into a pencil.

Fleo - A dog with furry ears.

Lorkfishi - A synonym for string beans.

Shlonk - The distance between two things.

Earable - A hearable sound.

Conceptus - The anatomy of something.

Unseck - Pee / urine.

Adroj - Ugly ass bitch.

Wonkle - To dirty dance.

Primintel - A medicinal plant, like weed.

Gleeko - A chocolate bar.

Marflishab - To put ones finger in their ear.

Mup - A muted / less intense form of love.

Jarolep - The act of nodding your head along to music.

Smeggarmuffin - The act of falling.

Anamalabella - Tomato juice, used as ink in a pen cartridge.

Hazabaza - To live in the moment.

Jahabadawesome - You're really cute and I'm nervous.

Closing Remarks

Of course, because it's the internet, I wasn't surprised that a lot of these words were unoriginal synonyms of other words or NSFW. I probably interviewed over 100 people in the 3 hours I spent on Omegle trying to get people to answer this question, and only 50 people answered. Some were thrown off by the question, others tried and failed to even think of a new word. But the ones who stayed and entertained my question, and those who answered with more wholesome answers, made me realize just how different we are creatively.

My favorite words of the above list are omidge, flumbus, vulling, and racka. I think they all describe feelings that we all know of / experience, but we haven't had a unique word to describe them.

What are your favorites on the list? And if you could make up a word, what would it be? What would it mean?