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Why The Links On My Website Turn Pink

Davis Keene·January 28, 2022

We are like Hansel and Gretel, leaving bread crumbs of our personal information everywhere we travel through the digital woods. - Gary Kovacs

You may have noticed that on my website, my hyperlinks turn pink. This shade of pink also happens to be my favorite color, also known as Baker Miller Pink.

Baker Miller Pink can be described in the following ways:

  • Hex Code: #FF91AF
  • RGB: rgb(255, 145, 175)
  • HSV: (344°, 43%, 100%)

My Favorite Color

Baker Miller Pink was introduced to me when I was 15 years old, while we were reading a short story in English class about color motifs in literature. This text referenced a story of a prison who painted its walls Baker Miller Pink in an attempt to calm prisoners down. Scientifically, it is a color that has been shown to reduce hostile, violent, or aggressive behavior. I was fascinated by it! This was the first time I learned that your visual perception can truly augment your mood, and above all else, I think it's just a really pretty color. So, what's the importance of this color, aside from being my favorite?

In a way, it acts as my digital footprint.

Leaving Your Mark

On the internet, where your every move is followed, it's important to create a digital identity that you're proud of. From your profile picture on your hobby forum, to your e-mail signature, to the content you choose to make public for the world to see. In the information age, it seems as though your every movement online is tracked, recorded, and seen. So when operating online, digital breadcrumbs and digital assets are a way of constructing an identity.

The reason why you'll find Baker Miller Pink on my website is because you'll find it on all my software projects that require the use of a color palatte. It's a way of saying,

"Hey! 👋 Davis Keene was here, and he had a part of making this app/website/content that you're using/consuming."

Easter Eggs have always been something that has enticed me about video games and online content. Finding seemingly insignificant yet intentional details from creators is a pleasure to recognize. So, why not leave my own mark on the world?

One day, when I'm older, I hope that I can look back at my career and be content with the things I have helped to create. And it's also my hope that you can pick out my achievements from across a crowded room.

You'll know what to look for.