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Capture the Flag

Davis KeeneยทNovember 21, 2022

A CTF (Capture the Flag) is an online game played among programmers and hackers. It's a race to find a set of "flags" that are hidden across computer systems and other data sources. In essence, it's the physical version of Capture the Flag for the more technically minded. It's a game of offense vs. defense, the hacker trying their best to penetrate the defense of the system, in an attempt to find the message that the organizer left behind.

Recently, I decided it would be fun to make my own CTF! I'm not running an event, nor am I timing you on how fast it takes for you to solve these challenges. I just wanted to publish a few problems on my personal site in case you (the reader) enjoy solving hard problems and want to test your knowledge of the web, cryptography, steganography, binary, and servers.

Navigate to /ctf to get started. Happy hacking :)